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An Ash Scattering Burial At Sea Is A Meaningful And Peaceful Way To Say Goodbye.

And if you choose a sunset scattering, you will get to see one of the most magnificent sunsets in the country (weather permitting).

An ash scattering burial at sea ceremony is a unique and special experience. Some say that scattering ashes at sea is a natural and soothing alternative to traditional burials. Scattering ashes at sea can be a way to honor a loved one with family and friends... an activity where everyone can reflect on the person who passed. For some, scattering ashes at sea can represent a release from earthly concerns, a return to nature that allow the spirit to fly free. It might even help those who are grieving to let go of some of their sorrow.

Ash Scattering Funerals At Sea St Pete

Planning For An Ash Scattering Sea Burial Around Tampa / St Pete.


Ash scattering ceremonies are lead by Captain and Ordained Minister Steve Cataneo. Step-by-step he will bring you through the process of scattering your loved ones ashes at sea. Steve will personally help you plan a ceremony that is both meaningful and memorable. You can decide how you want to scatter the ashes. There are a few different methods that you can use. You can scatter the ashes into the ocean after choosing a custom urn, or you can use a biodegradable urn that will dissolve naturally .

Attended Or Unattended Ash Scattering Burials At Sea.

We will take up to 6 guests out to sea on a private boat, where you can scatter the ashes of your loved one in a peaceful and serene setting. We will be there to support you every step of the way through this difficult time, and we will make sure that your loved one's ashes are scattered in a way that is both respectful and memorable.


Ashes To Ocean offers all of the services you need to arrange an ash scattering ceremony. Our vessel can accommodate up to 6 people, but if you cannot attend, you may choose our unattended ash scattering option. You may even customize your ash scattering ceremony to create a more personal approach.

Attended Scattering

  • Ash Scattering Ceremony

  • Up to 6 guests may attend

  • Cruise through Intracoastal and into the Gulf Of Mexico

  • Private and dignified scattering of ashes 3-4 miles off shore

  • Captains prayer or your personal prayer of choice

  • Certificate of burial at sea

  • Flower petals scattered ceremoniously along with loved ones ashes

  • Individual sympathy flowers

  • EPA paperwork filing

  • Captain, boat & fuel included

Unattended Scattering

  • Ash Scattering Ceremony

  • Dignified sea scattering of ashes 3-4 miles off shore

  • Captains prayer or your personal prayer of choice

  • Certificate of burial at sea

  • Flower petals scattered ceremoniously along with loved ones ashes

  • Basic video for proof of ceremony

  • EPA paperwork filing

  • Captain, boat & fuel included

Customize Your Farewell

  • Biodegradable wreaths

  • Custom flowers

  • Biodegradable urns

  • Wish lanterns

  • Special requests may be accommodated

Contact Ashes To Ocean For Sea Scattering Package Pricing.

Call 732-492-7108 or email

Naturally Comforting Sights During An Ash Scattering Service Is Not Uncommon.

When you arrange for an ocean ash scattering ceremony with Ashes To Ocean, you will come aboard and sail through the Intracoastal Waterway, then through John’s Pass, and out into Gulf of Mexico. 

Along the way, you may even spot dolphins, manatees, turtles and other sea creatures in their natural habitat. We hope you do.

Ashes To Ocean Is Here With Professionalism & Compassion.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you, and we are here to help you through it. If you are considering scattering your loved one's ashes in or around Tamp or St Petersburg Florida, contact Steve Cataneo directly. He can help you make this difficult time a little bit easier.

Contact Us Today To Further Discuss Our Ash Scattering At Sea Services. 
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