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Captain / Minister Steve Will Lead Your Ash Scattering Ceremony At Sea With Knowledge & Compassion.

If you have lost a loved one and want to scatter their ashes at sea with Ashes To Ocean, you can be confident that your ceremony will be conducted in the appropriate manner. Steve Cataneo is not only your Captain, but he is also an Ordained Minister, so there’s no need to search for, or hire an outside minister. As an non-denominational ordained minister, Steve possess the full legal status required by the state of Florida to preside over ash scattering at sea ceremonies. Captain and Ordained Minister Steve Cataneo will provide you with all of the support and guidance you need to say goodbye to your loved one in a meaningful way that is both respectful and personal. 

Ministry Preparation For An Ash Scattering Ceremony At Sea.


Captain and Ordained Minister Steve Cataneo will handle and file all of the necessary paperwork required by the EPA. Captain Steve will provide the family with a certificate of burial at sea.


Captain Steve will walk you through every step of the process so that everything is handled in a professional and timely manner.

The death of a loved one can be emotionally overwhelming, especially when it comes time for burial planning.

If you are considering a burial at sea, you can trust Ashes To Ocean to help you plan a special ceremony. Captain Steve will give you the ability to memorialize a loved one in a safe, legal, and respectful way. 

At Ashes To Ocean, we are always prepared to be by your side to help you arrange for an ash scattering ceremony. We hope that our services will help you find peace and bring some comfort and to you and your family.

Choosing Readings For An Ash Scattering Ceremony At Sea.


An ash scattering ceremony is similar to a traditional funeral service. The ceremony can include various prayers, scripture, eulogies and other types of reading like poems. Family members and loved ones can choose scriptures or readings that they would like Minister Steve to read, and you can also choose scriptures or passages that you would like to read yourself. Ash scattering readings can even include elements that are meaningful to certain faiths or beliefs. Contact Ashes To Ocean and discuss with Captain Steve what you would like read at an ash scattering ceremony at sea.

Ash Scattering Ceremony At Sea Funerals St Pete

Mourne Or Celebrate Your Loved One At An Ash Scattering Ceremony At Sea. 

It is your prerogative to have a solemn experience with quietness and seriousness or a celebration of life. We can arrange to celebrate your loved one's achievements, humor, or relationships. We can even have their favorite music playing in the background. A combination of seriousness and celebration can also be arranged.

Stories of the loved one shared by friends and family are always appreciated by all. They often bring out a few chuckles which lighten the experience in a very positive way. These are ideas, but you can plan an ash scattering ceremony at sea with Minister Steve anyway you like. Contact Ashes To Ocean and speak with Captain Steve personally.

Minister Steve Directs An Ash Scattering Ceremony At Sea Right Up Until The End.

Towards the conclusion of the ceremony, the ashes are scattered into sea. They can be scattered in any fashion or pattern that you wish. Letting the sea wisk them away symbolizes letting go of a loved one's spirit which can be a very peaceful and serene experience. Family and friends can follow the scattering of ashes by letting flowers or petals flow freely into the ocean as a sign of respect and a great way to connect with the person's spirit.

Contact Ashes To Ocean For More Information Regarding Our Ministry Services.

Ministry services conducted by Captain Steve are included in all of our ash scattering at sea packages

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